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LX Rock is an interdisciplinary team of experts specializing in the research and development of financial applications. We are a consultancy that drives the decentral revolution of the future. We work together with our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition and redefine industries. We believe that bold steps define the future. That the ambition to lead requires the courage to adapt. And that doing the right thing is rarely easy, but always worth it. We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.



LX Rock is specialised in the realisation of software development in the Web3 environment. The focus is on crypto projects and financial applications.

Team & Advisors

SaboFounder & CEO, Chief Technical Strategist
Sabo has never accepted things as they are. He has always worked to make things better in an innovative way. To optimize programs or meld teams together. He recognizes the individual strengths of a person and knows how to combine them with the strengths of others, making each team much more than the sum of its parts. In this way he has been successfully leading teams for over 10 years.

Along with his passion for finance, he has also been involved with programming and the crypto world for nearly 10 years. He is very respected there, because he was the one who paved the way for the Avalanche ecosystem’s first DEX in Europe.

MichaelPartner & Head of Strategic Legal and Compliance
Michael has more than 20 years of experience as IT-Governance, Risk & Compliance Expert in the Financial Services Industry. His focus is on IT and Compliance in traditional finance. He also has a high amount of consulting experience in the tech field. He successfully completed a variety of IT-Governance projects and adapted IT processes to today’s regulatory requirements. He studied Computer Science at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (B. Sc.),  Entrepreneurship & Business Development at the Frankfurt University of Applied Science (MBA) and completed an apprenticeship as Software Developer (IHK). At LX Rock, Michael is responsible for legal and compliance topics, as well as for the IT-infrastructure & IT-Operations.
MarcPartner & Chief Design Strategist | PhD
Marc has worked in the media and design industry for over 25 years. He was a representative of one of the largest branding agencies in the world for several years. Furthermore, he managed the StartUp Center of a university and held several guest professorships for storytelling, media and startups. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the relationship and dependence of theatre and cinema on each other. Together with other professors, he explored the question of whether prototypes could be replaced by film experiences. In other words, what user experience can be achieved without a prototype.

NozarPartner & Head of Finance and Product
Nozar recognized his talent for numbers already in school. In his early 20s, he became a professional trader for stocks, crypto and gold. He also developed a model to predict corporate earnings. Nozar has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. In the process, he studied the economics of factories. He also earned an MBA in finance. Nozar takes care of all calculative matters, including financial analysis, dynamic formulas, token flows and so on. He is also responsible for new products.

Nozar believes that DeFi-FinTech is the future of financial systems & the LX Rock team is one of the most active groups in this field. Working at LX Rock means shaping the future of finance.

FatmaOffice Manager
Fatma’s strengths lie in rational thinking and planning. She advises in a rational and goal-oriented way. She is also an organisational talent and likes to help people achieve their goals by supporting them in their decision-making processes…. Her personality helps her to rationally weigh up pros and cons, analyse and make decisions based on facts, even in the innovative field. Before co-founding LX Rock, she worked for a long time in the automotive industry in sales and consulting.
JabraneSmart Contract Developer | PhD
Jabrane thinks that mathematics and programming are the most important tools to reslove complex nowadays problem. These tools enables to him to resolve statistical and simulation problems during the university cursus in applied mathematics. Then he used them to simulate and predict complex phenomena in the rock mechanics field during the PhD. Morever, he finds himself able to design and implement sophisticated cryptographic scheme during his career.
The Web3 and DeFi need these skills to provide the best financial services, and Jabrane believes that he can, with these tools, design and provide several solid DeFi products.
AdriánSmart Contract Developer
Adrián has been programming for about 8 years. Early interest in blockchain technology has led him to delve deeper into it, to the point of doing a master’s degree in blockchain technologies.

He is an enthusiastic web3, in continuous learning, interested in Defi, good practices and security in smart contracts

AlexSmart Contract Developer
Alex is a dedicated individual who has proven that passion and enthusiasm for blockchain technology can be transformative, even without technical education. Over three years of experience working with Solidity empowers him to create and deploy robust smart contracts, ensuring the secure and efficient operation of blockchain systems. Alex’s fascination with cryptocurrencies goes beyond programming, as they remain constantly engaged with the latest industry developments and trends. Their unwavering commitment to staying informed and continuously expanding their knowledge positions Alex as a valuable contributor to the advancement of Web3 technologies.
TimmySmart Contract Developer
Timmy is a passionate blockchain developer with a proven track record spanning years. His dedication lies in creating secure, innovative blockchain solutions tailored to client needs. With expertise in Ethereum and Solidity he crafts both public and private blockchain apps. Proficient in React, Next, and Node.js, he delivers user-friendly end-to-end solutions. Known for creative problem-solving, he stays updated with tech trends, embracing new challenges eagerly. Accomplishments include smart contract solutions, and leading innovative projects. His diverse hobbies include singing, reading manga, watching anime, and coding.
MantasSmart Contract Developer
Mantas started his Web3 journey in 2020 and quickly realized that this was the industry he would like to pursue.
Seeing the potential of distributed ledger technology and the promise which a free financial system would have to the world, he chose to focus on the financial aspect of Web3. With his primary background being backend development, he decided to learn smart contract development and dive into the specifics of DeFi, enabling him to build robust decentralized applications.
AndreiSmart Contract Developer
Andrei is a seasoned software engineer with a growing passion for the exciting world of blockchain technology. With a strong background in computer science and hands-on experience in the tech field, he knows how to find innovative solutions to tricky problems.

He’s also the co-founder of a platform that helps businesses and NGOs work together, showing a real talent for using tech to support sustainable business plans. Now, Andrei is eager to use his knowledge of blockchain to make a big splash in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), where he aims to create new and exciting digital finance products.

Niklas has always been interested in computer science, and the crypto field stood out to him because it breeds innovation like no other. After finishing high school, he went on a one year venture to a IT specialized unit of the German armed forces. Following his service, he started pursuing a degree in Informatics, which he is continuing on the side while working for LX Rock. At LX Rock, he has found an enjoyable and laidback yet focused working environment, as well as his creativity in problem solving being tested when it comes to writing code
AbrarFullstack Developer
As an experienced full stack programmer since 2014, Specialized in Blockchain integration and smart contract development, I have a strong track record of creating complex web2 and web3 applications using various backend and frontend technology stacks. In addition, since 2021, I have focused on Blockchain integration, smart contract development, vulnerability analysis and auditing for smart contracts.

My strengths lie in my strong sense of responsibility, work ethic, attention to detail, and results-driven approach to development. I enjoy learning new technologies and working on ambitious and exciting projects that push me to my limits. My passion for programming and technology has driven me to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and continuously strive to improve my skills.

Hackathon pool prize winner
ETHOnline – 2022

CarlosFullstack Developer
Carlos is a software engineer who has been actively learning, building and sharing his experience on crypto since the summer of 2017. He has been involved in blockchain technology ever since day 1 of his career. During his first 3 years in the space he performed as lecturer at top universities in Mexico, full stack developer and blockchain consultant. Since 2021 he has devoted himself to mastering smart contract programming while building dApps from the ground up.
MartinAdvisor | PhD
Martin started his journey in AI almost over 15 years ago and since then has been on edge-cutting technologies from knowledge management, image processing and natural language understanding. With Web3 and DeFi identified as the next disruptive technologies, he eagerly joins forces to merge those with AI to the benefit of all.

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